Request Payments via Text
with the OmniFund Platform

Payments Have Never Been
Easier or Faster

Request payments through text—more efficient invoicing solutions help you get paid faster.

Text invoicing features are available through our APIs or directly through virtual terminal on our payments platform.


Simplify Payment Requests with Payments as a Platform®

Texts Get Opened, You Get Paid

Initiate payment requests via text messages through the OmniFund platform using Passport, or from your own system with OneClick. Send a secure payment link directly to your customers—and because texts have higher open rates than other contact methods, you can get paid faster.

Save Time and Money

Eliminate time-consuming payment collection methods such as mailed invoices and phone calls with a simple text. Reduce cost by cutting wasted resources such as paper and postage—text invoicing is a more efficient and cost-effective way to request payments.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Using text messages to initiate payments for goods and services, customers can receive invoices anywhere and on-the-go—for ultimate convenience. Receive payment immediately and securely through our platform. Customers can pay straight from the link using their credit/debit card, bank account, Google Wallet, or Apple Pay.

Payments Made Easy

A more efficient invoicing solution helps you get paid faster. Learn more
about payment request tools within our payment platform.

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