Simplify Healthcare Payment Processing with Payments as a Platform®

Integrated Payment Processing for Healthcare Providers That Improves Patient Experiences

In today’s age of increased compliance, mandates, and regulations, it is a challenge for healthcare providers to strike a balance between patient care and the administrative portions of the healthcare business. Industry factors such as increased healthcare regulations, lower insurance reimbursements, and healthcare consumerism are increasing medical practice overhead and taking valuable time away from your patients that need it.

As a healthcare professional, you may not have control over everything that affects business, but evaluating your merchant account can save you money on business expenses. OmniFund enables you to free up resources and focus on what’s most important—your patients.

Why ISVs Should Integrate Payments?

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Process Multi-Channel Patient Payments with Payments as a Platform®

OmniFund, a leading provider of innovative payment solutions, empowers healthcare providers to accelerate patient service revenue collection—streamlining the healthcare revenue cycle management and saving money.

Our payment solutions are designed to fit the unique needs of healthcare organizations, from general hospitals and primary care physicians, to specialized practices such as dental, orthodontic, optical, and veterinary groups.

OmniFund’s solution is easy to implement and offers secure payment processing through a single platform backed by world-class US-based customer support.

Benefits of Payments as a Platform® for Healthcare Providers

Improve Revenue Cycle Management and Patient Satisfaction

OmniFund’s payment solution is equipped with features such as remote deposit capture (RDC), which allows you to accept and verify checks online for faster check processing, improving the customer experience and streamlining your revenue cycle management.

Offer Flexible Payment Solutions

With OmniFund, you can collect payments, process checkouts, and manage copays quickly with a variety of payment options, including in-person, online, over the phone, mobile, mailed-in, and recurring payment plans. Virtual terminal and hosted payments pages make it easy to accept and process payments securely.

Reduce Cost and Eliminate Unnecessary Fees

OmniFund’s platform helps you reduce administrative costs and eliminate unnecessary merchant account fees by ensuring you get the best transaction rates possible. We offer level 2 and 3 credit card data support, BIN optimization, and interchange rate pricing.

Simplify Omnichannel Payments

Discover the benefits of working through a single vendor to process credit, debit, contactless, check, and ACH payments, as well as HSA/FSA cards. OmniFund manages it all so you can simplify the payments process while still getting the best rates for every transaction.

Process Payments Securely

Stay PCI and HIPAA -compliant. Since all transactions are processed through Omni Fund’s payment gateway, full payment account data does not enter your system, keeping you out of scope.

Integrate Seamlessly into Your Existing Software

OmniFund offers extensive developer tools and comprehensive APIs, allowing you to configure your software to suit your needs. With OmniFund you have the options to seamlessly integrate our payment solution with many leading PMS and EMR applications.

Access Real-time, Detailed Business Reporting

With OmniFund’s healthcare payment solutions, you can gain real-time insight into transaction history and critical financial data, helping you make more informed, data-driven business decisions.

Discover all the Features of Payments as a Platform®

Our payments platform provides all the tools healthcare providers need to streamline
the process of patient payments. Learn more in our product catalog.

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