Ensure Data Security and PCI Compliance with Our Payments as a Platform® Solution

Safeguard Your Customers and Your Business

Use the Latest Technologies for Data Security and Fraud Prevention

Customers need to be able to trust that their sensitive financial data is secure, while merchants need protection from liability and fraudulent charges. OmniFund’s Payments as a Platform® solution provides secure payment processing with optimum security features to protect your business and your customers reducing the amount of time you spend maintaining PCI compliance. Features such as an encrypted customer database, hosted payments pages, and Passport transactions ensure merchants get paid without the burden of handling sensitive financial cardholder data.

Create Trust for Your Customers

Identity theft, unauthorized transactions, and data breaches are significant concerns in today’s digital environment. Customers shouldn’t have to think twice about the safety of their financial information when doing business with you. Our platform proactively identifies fraudulent activity through a robust array of features that help prevent fraud and keep sensitive data safe.

Reduce Your PCI Compliance Burden

The OmniFund platform helps keep you out of PCI scope by acting as the data custodian and therefore safeguards your sensitive cardholder data. Reduce your PCI compliance through end-to-end encryption, EMV transaction capability, and tokenization for peace of mind. While the platform doesn’t eliminate your responsibility, it does lower your risk of noncompliance.

Choose a Payment Processor that Focuses on Security

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Our Platform Adheres to Industry Security Guidelines

OmniFund’s Payments as a Platform® is certified PCI-DSS and NACHA compliant. We comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and applicable ISO27001 security standards, and our platform adheres to SOC1 security guidelines. We meet or exceed these rigorous standards with features such as 24×7 monitoring and alerting, AES256 + encryption, DDOS and WAF protection, and tokenization.

Tokenization Strengthens Data Security

Tokenization replaces private data with strings of random numbers, known as tokens, which keep sensitive data from passing through multiple systems. The original information is stored in highly-secure token vaults by the data custodian and only called for when needed for transaction processing. Tokens are worthless to hackers and criminals, and by using them, you add another layer of security that helps protect you from theft and fraud. Tokenization reduces your scope of  PCI compliance by providing secure transactions and keeping sensitive data from residing in your system.

Advanced Fraud Prevention Tools

OmniFund’s platform incorporates a variety of tools to help spot suspicious transactions and prevent them from entering your system, thereby reducing the risk of costly chargebacks. These tools include:

  • BIN filtering
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Card network and account type controls
  • Best-in-class digital identity verification
  • ACH level 1 and 2 verification
  • AVS and CVV2 controls
  • ACH/checking account blocking
  • IP based access restrictions