Comprehensive Payment Processing Software

That Will Meet Your Business Needs

A Range of Payment Processing Options for Any Type of Business

All of the Benefits with Less Risk

Our Payments as a Platform® solution streamlines payment procedures and safeguards sensitive customer data to keep your operations running smoothly and maximize your profitability—all while ensuring compliance with today’s PCI regulations. We process your customer payments securely and quickly through multiple channels for merchants of any size.

Payments as a Platform® Offers Scalability

Whether you’re a new business just getting started, or established and ready to expand, you want a payment processing solution that will grow along with you as the needs of your business evolve. When you’re ready to start accepting new or different payment types — credit cards, ACH, Google Pay or Apple Pay, even cashier’s checks or money orders from multiple sources (in-person, website, recurring payments) – you can activate the capabilities you need from the platform.

Cloud-Based Payment Processing Software Provides Convenience and Security

Cloud-based software can be run on any device with an Internet connection — from PCs to smartphones or tablets for ultimate mobility. You can access your account from anywhere, at any time. And with OmniFund, you can free yourself from the responsibility of storing customer financial data in compliance with PCI security standards because you’ll be choosing a payment platform that handles it for you.

Experience the Flexibility of Payments as a Platform®

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Developer Tools for Easy Integration

When you’re enabling a new feature from the platform, you’ll have the tools you need to integrate with other elements within your proprietary system. Everything from APIs with code examples to pre-built plug-ins are available from our website.

Built-In Fraud Detection

We offer tools to proactively detect fraudulent transactions and prevent them from being approved.

Direct Connections to Credit Card and ACH Networks

Eliminate the middle-men of payment processing and communicate directly with the credit card and ACH networks, thus saving on fees.

Dedicated Customer Support

OmniFund offers U.S.-based, high level IT and customer service. Our website features an extensive Knowledge Base where you have access to articles, FAQs, and a variety of tutorials and training videos.  Simply submit a ticket, email or call us and you will get personalized, timely assistance from our expert staff.  Our dev team can also help you integrate the OmniFund platform with your proprietary software, POS system or eCommerce sites. The help desk is available 24/7, and we offer live seminars and one-on-one training sessions to familiarize you and your employees with our product features and processes.

Additional Features

These features are consistent in every facet of our offerings.They are universal in nature and are not affected by individual product or feature limitations. They are part of the core system regardless of where transactions originate.

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Data import & export
  • Declined Payment Resubmission Tools
  • Advanced Fraud Prevention and Management Tools
  • ACH and Credit Card Convenience Fee Support
  • Reliable US-based Customer Support
  • Extensive Knowledgebase
  • Technical Expertise