Payments As a Platform

Payments as a Platform simplifies the payment process, creating a seamless experience for you and your customers. At the same time, we protect your company from fraud and provide the tools and support for PCI compliance, tokenization and P2P encryption.

We provide a robust, extensible platform that grows with our customer needs. Enabling new capabilities for our customers is simple to accomplish. Think of each of the capabilities that we provide as a building block or Lego. If a customer needs payment processing and invoicing, we give them access to those Legos within the overall platform. If they need Direct Deposit, we put an additional Lego on the stack When they need eChecks, we add another Lego. Our customers can choose which components they need to run their business based on the complete stack of capabilities within OmniFund’s Payments as a Platform solution. Our solution enables us to elegantly solve customer problems by enabling specific platform capabilities to uniquely build a solution.

Automation and Technology

Our solutions are aimed at efficiency and getting people out of the mix. It is all about automation. Where competition has to throw manual processes at new capabilities, we look to automate everything from the beginning.

Simplifying your business through Automation/Technology

  • Makes lives of customers easier. Simpler.
  • Speed up cash flows of our customers. Optimize them. Make them more efficient.
  • Automation is a key focus. Removing the hands requirement for customers allows employees to focus on more strategic things to grow their business. Don’t waste time on the details.
  • OmniFund removes the headaches and high costs associated in data management through our automation.
  • Customers don’t have to change their underlying platforms to integrate; only need to leverage our APIs
Streamlined Onboarding

We realize the the sooner we can get you up and running on our Payments as a Platform solution, the faster you can start realizing the huge benefits our Payments as a Platform solution provides. A quick and easy implementation allows our customers to begin realizing the value and benefits in as short a time period as possible.

Board Merchants quickly and easily online

  • Online application
  • Electronic signatures
  • Customized underwriting process
  • Fast account activation
  • Live help available

Our Capabilities

Having a complete set of capabilities is required just to sit at the table. And rest assure, OmniFund can handle everything that you require today. But what sets us apart from any other solution in the marketplace is our ability to innovate and be nimble. This isn’t just in our technology, it’s in our DNA. All of our employees share this mindset with one goal in mind – creating value for our customers. OmniFund has all of the tools that any customer needs, and the ability to build new ones faster than anyone else. 
Just some of the capabilities that we support today:

> Credit card payments
> ACH/eCheck payments
> Swipe cards
> Vendor payments
> Virtual terminal
> Online bill payment
> Mailed-in payments
> Business-to-business payments
> QuickBooks Sync

> eInvoicing
> Direct deposit
> Customer Database
> Multiple processing accounts
> eGift
> Recurring Payments
> eLayaway
> Shopping cart integration – emulation
> Developer integration tools with support

> Multiple location administrator module
> eLoyalty/Rewards
> Comprehensive reports
> PCI security
> Hosted payment page
> PCI secure hosted shopping carts
> Mobile payment

Increase profitability

Meeting our customer needs is at the center of what we do, everyday. One of the most important benefits we provide to our customers is the ability to maximize their profitability.

  • OmniFund can cut out the middle-men of payment processing. We connect customers directly to ACH network. Connect them directly to Mastercard, Visa, etc. This allows our customers to save $$, keep more profit.
  • The shift to fully automated platform immediately goes to the bottom line. Removing manual steps and inefficient legacy platform integrations saves you time and money.
  • Fraud detection: Our Payments as a Platform solution has Fraud Detection built in. Our tools help business proactively detect and block fraudulent activity before it even hits your system, while allowing real transactions to be approved.
  • We leverage advanced algorithms to proactive detect fraudulent behavior, utilizing everything from keystrokes, speed of entry, and the order that billing information is entered onto your payment pages.
  • We are so confident in our Fraud Detection capabilities that we guarantee that to prevent ANY fraudulent transactions from being approved.

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