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Think Outside the Box — Or Outside the Store

Our Mobile App Goes Where the Business Is

Mobile point of sale (POS) is an increasingly popular way to expand sales opportunities in this digital age. Don’t be tied to your computer to process transactions: now you can take our payment platform with you on the go.

Free-Range Payments

With the OmniFund mobile app, you can accept payments anytime, anywhere — including “out of office” applications such as convention or concert venues, food trucks, and field services such as lawn care, landscaping, or major appliance repair. You can give your customers payment options that are flexible (credit card, ACH, or cash) securely processed through our PCI-compliant gateway.

Get Paid Faster

If you provide services such as housecleaning or interior design, instead of sending the customer an invoice after the work is done and waiting for payment, the mobile app allows you to take your mobile device with you and process payments on the spot. Transactions are fast and convenient for you and your customers.

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App Versions for iOS or Android Devices

Our app offers flexibility in mobile device options: it is available in the Apple and Amazon App Stores and on Google Play. It is compatible with Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, iOS and Android smartphones.

Versatile Payment Options

The mobile app allows you to process credit card and ACH transactions and even record cash. It also supports other functions such as pre-authorizations, refunds, reversals and electronic signature capture. It is compatible with equipment that will allow you to process card swipe, contactless, chip card and pin-based debit. These devices reduce your processing costs and transaction entry time.

Share Information with the Main App

When running a transaction with the mobile app, you can enter part of a customer’s name or account identifier to search the main app for existing customer information and have the appropriate fields auto-filled. You can then use any existing payment methods already on file for that customer–speeding up transaction entry. You can also access other information just as you can in the main app, such as daily summaries and transaction details.

Access Customer Support

If you encounter technical difficulties in the field, you can open an online support ticket just as you can in the main app. The support desk is open 24/7 with live chat availability where our customer service representatives will assist you with a full knowledge base of training videos, tutorials, and screen sharing sessions when needed.

Additional Features

Credit Card Payments

Knowledge Base

  • Swipe cards
  • EMV (Chip Card Reader)
  • Mobile Wallet (GooglePay, ApplePay)
  • Pin Debit
  • Signature Capture
  • Manual Entry


  • Track Cash
  • Customer management
  • iOS, Android, Kindle
  • ACH and Credit Card Convenience Fee Support

Security & Compliance

  • PCI security
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • In-transit and at-rest encryption
  • Secure Customer Vault
  • Tokenized Transactions and Payment Accounts
  • Advanced Fraud Prevention and Management Tools
  • OmniFund Passport
  • Hosted Payment Pages
  • Invoicing
  • EMV/Chip Reader Hardware

Organization Administration

  • Multiple location administrator modules
  • Advanced Employee Security Controls
  • Comprehensive reporting

Expand Your Capabilities by Going Mobile

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