Streamlined Invoicing Solutions
Make it Easy to Get Paid

Request Payment for Goods or Services Without Needing a Shopping Cart

We make billing easy with our invoicing solutions. Invoice your customers directly through our Payment as a Platform® software to get paid faster. Create professional one-time or recurring invoices in just a few steps and send them instantly via email.

Convenience for Your Customers

Give your customers options for how they want to pay (credit cards, bank account/eCheck, or Google Pay or Apple Pay as applicable). We make it easy for them to view payment requests and submit their information. You can also set up recurring invoices for automated convenience.

Free Yourself from PCI Compliance Concerns

Your invoices and payment requests will send customers directly to our portal to complete their transactions. We handle their financial data, and since you never receive or store that data, your business stays out of PCI scope.

Discover all the Features of Payments as a Platform®

Our payments platform provides all the tools healthcare providers need to streamline
the process of patient payments. Learn more in our product catalog.

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Customize Your Invoices for a Professional Appearance

Invoices and receipts can be customized with your business logo and contact information. Invoice IDs can be auto-generated for you if you don’t create your own. And you can easily set up and add other details to the invoice that are appropriate for your specific needs, such as default pricing and quantities.

Click-N-Pay Option Offers an Easy Link

For invoices created outside of OmniFund’s platform, you can add a Click-N-Pay link to direct customers to our online payment portal. They set up an account from which they can manage one-time payments or recurring payments.

OneClick Provides a Convenient Payment Form

With OmniFund’s OneClick, you can send customers a link to a simple online payment form where they can review and submit their payment without needing to set up an account. OneClick can be configured for one-time payments and recurring payments.

Additional Features

Credit Card Payments

  • Level II and Level III credit card processing
  • BIN Filtering
  • ACH
  • Mobile Wallet (GooglePay, ApplePay)
  • Digital Identity Verification (ThreatMetrix)
  • Recurring Invoices
  • PCI Compliance
  • ACH and Credit Card Convenience Fee Support

Billing Made Simple

The more efficient your invoicing, the faster you get your money. You can take a lot of
the headaches out of billing by using the invoicing tools provided as part
of our payment platform.

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