Easily Accept Online Payments Through Our Payment Gateway

Hosted Payment Solutions Send Customers to Our Secure Gateway

You Get Paid Without Handling Sensitive Financial Data

Today’s customers have come to expect the convenience of being able to shop and pay online for goods and services. Hosted payment solutions are links or buttons that direct customers to a processor’s secure payment gateway to complete their transactions. OmniFund offers two such solutions: Click-N-Pay, a link to use on your website or in an email or text invoice and OneClick, a link or button that takes users to a one-page payment form during checkout on your website.

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Seamless Integration with Your Website

The payment form and receipt can be customized to display your logo and contact information; customers won’t even realize they’ve left your website. Click-N-Pay and OneClick are easy to set up with minimal programming or coding skills. OmniFund provides complete instructions, training, and tech support as needed.

Let Your Provider Help Keep You PCI Compliant

When customers submit their information through the payment gateway, it goes directly to OmniFund. Since you aren’t receiving, storing, or transmitting the data, you’re kept out of PCI scope. Payments are processed securely, giving you and your customers more peace of mind.

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Flexible Payment Options

With OmniFund’s solutions, you can accept credit card payments, ACH transactions, and digital wallet payments (Google Pay or Apple Pay) all online. The hosted payment pages can be used for single transactions or to set up recurring payments.

Receipts Provided

You and your customer both receive an e-mail receipt when the transaction is complete.

Additional Fields for Greater Security and Convenience

Differentiate between trusted customers and cyber-threats within milliseconds by turning on enhanced fraud controls in OmniFund.  Create custom fields within the hosted payment pages to enhance reporting and increase efficiency. Pass customer and transaction data in the payment request to save data entry time for your customers and strengthen reporting efficacy for your staff.

Additional Features

Credit Card Payments

Knowledge Base

  • Level II and Level III credit card processing
  • BIN Filtering
  • ACH
  • Mobile Wallet (GooglePay, ApplePay)
  • Digital Identity Verification (ThreatMetrix)
  • Recurring Payment Support
  • PCI Compliance
  • ACH and Credit Card Convenience Fee Support

Make Online Payments Simple for You and Your Customers

With Click-N-Pay and OneClick hosted payment solutions, it’s easy to send customers to our payment gateway for direct and secure transaction processing. Contact us for a demo to see how our solutions can benefit your business.

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