Take the Stress Out of Education and School Payments with OmniFund

Integrated Solutions for Convenient Educational Payment Processing

Securely Accept Education-Related Payments

There is a multitude of fees associated with education—everything from tuition and books, to loans, school services, activities, and events. That’s why payment processing for education needs to be simple, convenient, and secure for everyone involved.

Administrators, parents, and students alike all benefit from OmniFund’s frictionless payment processing solutions. They support multiple-channel processing and can integrate with a wide variety of administrative management software.

OmniFund’s solutions enable you to free up resources to focus on education, not payment processing. With our solutions, you can conveniently and securely accept payments online, through your mobile devices, or in-person. And we support a wide variety of platforms to serve any type of education-related institution, including:

  • Primary and secondary education
  • Universities
  • Remote-based learning
  • Educational support materials and programs
  • Student loan organizations

Accept Various Payment Methods with Payments as a Platform®

OmniFund is a leading provider of innovative payment solutions for education services. Our clients include universities, trade schools, online and remote learning institutions, test preparation services, student loan repayment programs, and more. Our payment platform is designed to support your unique education payment needs and can be customized for your organization or institution. We also support auxiliary school initiatives such as fundraisers, athletic events, booster programs, and club memberships.

We strive to accelerate your revenue collection and improve cash flow while reducing costs and streamlining education revenue cycle management. The solutions we offer are easy to implement, cost-effective, and enable secure payment processing through a single platform backed by world-class, U.S.-based customer support.

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Education Payment Solution Benefits

Improve Revenue and Cash Flow

At OmniFund, we make it easy to accept all major payment forms for education-related services and supplies, including:

  • ACH
  • Credit card
  • PIN debit
  • Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Remote deposit capture

What’s more, our solutions are customizable. Our suite of developer tools and APIs allow you to fit our platform to the needs of your educational system or program.

This customization includes implementing recurring payments and automated billing to ensure payments are made on time — getting you paid faster. For example, you can send school invoices via email or SMS text billing and eliminate the need to wait for mailed-in payments. Use Check21 remote deposit capture (RDC) and ACH payment acceptance to enable faster processing for in-person checks and other checking/savings account transactions.

Process Payments Securely

Protect sensitive cardholder data with our PCI-DSS-compliant solution. Full payment account data never enters your system; data from each transaction is encrypted and processed through our payment gateway, keeping information secure.

Integrate Seamlessly with School Administration Management Systems

Our payment solutions can integrate with many leading school management software systems, making transitions smooth and easy, with the help of extensive developer tools and comprehensive APIs.

Experience the Flexibility of Payments as a Platform®

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