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With OmniFund you get a complete payment platform with expert service and support. Personal, dedicated, informed and fast support to help you add payments to your project and meet your deadlines every time. Easier to use, more functionality for your client including Level II & Level III processing and responsive personal support. Simply put, OmniFund has the most advanced payment platform available anywhere.
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Ruby plugin including tutorials, examples and the Ruby installation files. Work for either Ruby or Rails.
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Plugin includes tutorials, examples and the PHP installation files.
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.NET plugin includes tutorials and examples.
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HTTP integration API including code examples.
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Web services including code examples.
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Secure Payment Page
One Click
Developer guide and API for the GTB Secure Payment Page.
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Full emulation API.
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Quick Connect
Quick connect API for fast simple emulation.
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Data Import
Import API and template for importing data into GTB.
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OS Commerce
This plugin works with the OS Commerce shopping cart.
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This plugin works with the Joomla VirtuMart shopping cart.
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Zen Cart
This plugin works with the Zen Cart shopping cart.
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