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Support Resources and Developer Tools are Readily Available

We have the most advanced payment platform available and offer extensive developer tools, support, and expert service. Customize your payment solution and get the features you need, integrated with your other programs (such as shopping carts or accounting software).

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A Solution That Grows with You

As your business needs evolve, it’s important to have solutions that provide flexibility and scalability. With OmniFund, you can expand your capabilities whenever you’re ready. When you want to add new features or payment options, or when one of your other platforms (such as a shopping cart) changes, it’s easy to adapt with our tools.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Fast and easy implementation allows you to start seeing the benefits of the platform right away. A streamlined merchant onboarding process, as well as access to all the necessary developer tools, contributes to that ease of setup.

What Can You Build with Our Tools?

All the building blocks you need are found in the OmniFund system. Let us help you
pick the right ones to put together the solution that’s customized for your goals.

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Extensive Knowledge Base

Our website features a Knowledge Base that can be consulted at any time for assistance with everything from logging in and setting up equipment to running transactions and viewing reports. It includes a variety of tutorials, troubleshooting articles, and step-by-step instructions with screenshots, and FAQs.

Reliable Customer Support

If you can’t find your answer using the Knowledge Base, you can submit an online ticket and get assistance from our dedicated U.S.-based support technicians. They’re ready to help you integrate our platform with your point of sale (POS) or eCommerce solution, and help solve any technical difficulties. Or you can schedule a live one-on-one or group training session so you and your staff can learn to navigate our processes and services.

Convenient Links, Downloads, and Plug-Ins

From direct integrations to OmniFund hosted payment pages, our Developer’s site offers a wide range of tools to help assist you with virtually any type of integration project you may be looking to build. Request a sandbox account today and start developing in a fully functional environment that allows you to test any scenario you may encounter once you go live.

Additional Features

Developer Integration Tools

Website Knowledge Base

  • API integration & documentation
  • emulation
  • Shopping cart integrations
  • Native plugins
  • Expert Technical Support

Extended Features

  • Netspend Prepaid Card Issuance


Select the Development Method Best Suited to Your Application

Then Contact Us for a Sandbox Account to Initiate
Development Support.

HTTP integration API for processing both credit card and ACH transactions, including code examples.
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SOAP Web Service
Web services including code examples.
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Hosted Payment Page
Allows merchants to receive customer payments while remaining outside of PCI scope.
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Magento plugin package for processing payments on the OmniFund gateway.
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This plugin adds OmniFund payment processing into the WooCommerce WordPress module.
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This plugin integrates OmniFund payment processing into X-Cart shopping cart.
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Development Sandbox Request

Request your development sandbox account to complete your OmniFund integration.

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