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Credit and debit cards have become the most preferred and used payment method for increasing numbers of modern consumers. With our Payments as a Platform® software, any size or type of business has access to simple and reliable credit card processing.


Grow Your Business by Offering More Payment Options

Credit cards aren’t just for financing major purchases anymore. Many people prefer to use credit cards as their sole method of payment; according to, more than half of credit card holders use their cards for everyday spending. Don’t miss out on revenue opportunities by not being able to accept credit cards.

Accept Credit Cards for a Variety of Buying Situations

With our Payments as a Platform® web-based interface, you or your customers are able to manually enter payment details into our system, for times when having a physical card present isn’t available. You have the flexibility to not only accept cards in person through swiped and EMV transactions, but over the phone, or online, through your website, mobile app, or electronic invoices.

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Our payments platform provides all the tools healthcare providers need to streamline
the process of patient payments. Learn more in our product catalog.

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Built-in Support for Level II and III Card Processing

OmniFund automatically submits the qualifying data fields required for Level II and Level III processing and purchasing card transactions with a built-in feature so you receive the lowest interchange rates without needing to change your current process flow.

Eliminate the Middlemen

OmniFund can help merchants save on the fees associated with credit card processing by reducing the number of parties involved in the transaction. We act as your one-stop-shop so that you not only save on processing fees, but also receive individualized support from those that know your company best.

Avoid Fraudulent Transactions

Our built-in fraud detection uses advanced algorithms to proactively detect fraudulent activity, preventing such transactions from ever entering your system. By analyzing factors such as the speed or order that information is entered on your payment pages, we can reduce the number of fraudulent transactions that will be approved.

Reduce the Burden of PCI Compliance

Sensitive financial data (such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes) are entered by you or your customers directly into our system. Since this data does not reside in your system, OmniFund minimizes exposure of this information and takes you out of PCI scope as much as possible. You can rest assured that we are fully compliant with PCI and other industry security standards, for the protection of you and your customers.

Easily Add Credit Card Processing to Your Capabilities

When you’re ready to offer your customers the convenience of accepting their preferred payment method, schedule a demo to see how our payments platform will work for you.

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