Account Updater Provides the Latest Card Data

Make Sure Service Doesn’t Change When Card Details Do

Use This Tool for Increased Approval Rates

If your business collects recurring payments or utilizes account-on-file programs, Account Updater keeps the authorization process running smoothly by automatically checking for the most up-to-date payment account details. Simply enable it through your OmniFund account or access using the API integration tool. The process is seamless, and your business will begin reaping the benefits immediately.

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Improve the Customer Experience

Customers don’t always remember to update their payment account information when their card number or expiration date changes. Transactions using old or invalid data are declined, resulting in service interruptions or even cancellations. Reducing these negative interactions will help to keep your customers satisfied.

Save Time and Money

Account Updater provides convenience for you as well as your customers. Declined transactions mean you have to spend time getting the situation resolved — obtaining the right information, getting interrupted or cancelled services restored, and smoothing things over with upset customers. With Account Updater, you avoid all of those hassles. Plus, correcting card data increases payment collection speed, so you get paid faster.

Have the Right Info Every Time

Using Account Updater keeps payments on track and prevents both interruptions of
service for your customers and interruption of revenue for you.

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Supported by Major Card Issuers

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover all work with Account Updater to provide the most current data.

Secure, Direct Communication with Credit Card Issuers

For participating issuing banks, customers’ card information is automatically verified and compared to the issuer’s database. Updates to the account including card number changes, expiration date changes, or closed accounts are communicated directly back to OmniFund. When Account Updater is enabled through your OmniFund account, all data remains securely encrypted on our servers, keeping you out of PCI scope.