ACH Processing Benefits You and Your Customers

Save Time and Money with ACH Options

Accurate Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing and easy Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) are available through our platform. ACH is a computerized network for electronic funds transfers, processed in batches. These transactions can include direct deposit payroll or consumer eChecks (replacing paper checks). They can be especially useful for recurring transactions, such as mortgage, insurance, or subscription payments. RDC allows merchants to convert other paper payment forms (such as money orders) into electronic deposits. ACH transactions are increasingly common, as they benefit consumers and merchants.

Customers Like the Security and Convenience of ACH Payments

There are too many ways for paper checks to get lost or used fraudulently. They include sensitive information such as the customer’s address, bank routing number, and account number, and they can pass through many hands when being processed. ACH payments transmit this data securely and directly.

ACH transactions also benefit customers by removing the stress of remembering to keep making recurring payments. They can “set it and forget it,” knowing the payments will be deducted automatically.

ACH Payments are Faster and Less Expensive for You

Funds transfer is efficient: no waiting for the check to arrive in the mail and then having to take it to the bank for deposit and waiting for it to clear. Banks also tend to process ACH transactions first — often the same day and before other transaction types such as paper checks.

Plus, processing fees are generally much less than for credit or debit card transactions — so you not only get your money faster, you get more of it.

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Accept ACH Payments Throughout Our Platform

You can offer your customers ACH payment options through the OmniFund Application, Click-N-Pay, OneClick, Passport Transactions, Invoices, and when accepting phone payments. You may even win more customers who prefer these transactions to using a credit card.

Check21 and Remote Deposit Capture Provide Additional Options

With RDC, you can convert paper checks and other payment forms such as cashier’s checks and money orders into electronic deposits by scanning them. Our system automatically routes the transaction through the best channel for processing (ACH for eChecks, OmniFund’s Check21 service for others). OmniFund will assist with scanner equipment setup and staff training on this procedure.

Improve Processing Efficiency with Add-Ons

Optional verification products can be added to ACH processing to help prevent returns and data entry errors.

Add eChecks and Remote Deposit
Capture to Your Capabilities

We make it easy to accept these payment options — and
potentially increase your revenue opportunities.

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