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Payments as a Platform

Payments as a Platform simplifies the payment process, creating a seamless experience for you and your customers. At the same time, we protect your company from fraud and provide the tools and support for PCI compliance, tokenization and P2P encryption. As our customers grow, we grow with you. We can service any of our customer’s needs within the context of our overall solution. Our customers benefit from the Direct Connections our solution enables which directly cuts out unnecessary middlemen, while boosting your profits and overall margin. Partnering with OmniFund allows you to grow your business, accept payments the way your customer wants and do it with no overhead and no risk.
Technology & Integrated Payments

Whether you help others sell, send invoices, have subscriptions or something else, integrated payments matter – they let you capture more revenue, improve the customer experience and retain customers longer.


OmniFund focuses on helping make compliance easy by safely and securely transmitting customer and transaction data, and eliminating fraud and revenue losses, leveraging our industry leading proactive fraud technology.

Self-Managed User Portal

OmniFund’s user portal allows you to quickly process electronic payments, transact face-to-face sales, facilitates online bill pay, invoices, eCheck, recurring, swiped and web payments. Extensive reporting, admin modules, employee controls, and more.

Best in Class Services


Security of your data is of upmost importance to us, and we take the steps necessary to ensure that you and your customer’s information is always safeguarded.

Automation & Technology

Our solutions are aimed at efficiency and getting people out of the mix. It is all about automation.

Increase Profitability

Maximizing your profitability is at the center of what we do, everyday.

Streamlined Onboarding

Our customers realize the value and benefits of choosing OmniFund in as short a time period as possible.

Customer Support Experience

Not just customer support, but a unique customer support experience.

Comprehensive Capabilities

OmniFund has all of the tools that any customer needs, and the ability to build new ones faster than anyone else.

Find out how OmniFund can help you get the best in class products and services today.

Our Clients and Partners

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What Clients Are Saying About OmniFund

Beckman of Rose Cottage

The easist way to get paid by your customers.



The service is really intuitive to use!

Abby Kiplinger

Superior Trademark Inc.

Very easy to use! Makes processing cards a breeze. The reports and tools enable us to keep track of all our sales and customers. Their secure database keeps all our customers information safe. We couldn't have found a better service. Thank you!


Navis Pack & Ship

Excellent rates and personalized service. The site is very user friendly and always operates efficiently.

Peter Michaelson

The New York Racing Association

Excellent ACH processor. Straight forward web portal that enables us to EASILY manage our ACH business. Customer and Technical Support staff has exceeded expectations as well!

Greg Edwards

B&S Aircraft Alloys

This system works great. It's fast, easy to use and simple. You don't even have to worry about filling out paperwork to be PCI compliant because they do it all for you. Most important the rates and or fees are way better then any other Merchant Services I have seen. I would definitely recommend this system to other businesses.

Michelle Davis

Georgia Lawn Inc

OmniFund is by far the best credit card system we have used to date! It its easy to accept payments.


Paws Chateau

OmniFund is probably the easiest system I have ever used. I swipe the client's card and within minutes I have an email in my inbox with all the relevant info. In approx. 1 hr. after midnight I have a daily summary of all the previous day's transactions telling me how much money is on the way to my bank account.

Peter King